Solana Beach Classes

Kindergym / Mommy and Me

Kindergym classes run for 45 minutes. Mommy and Me classes run 45 minutes, and are grouped by ages of 18-24 months or 24-36 months.
Mon. Tues. Wed.
10:15am 3-4 yrs. 10:15am 3-4 yrs. 9:15am Mommy and Me
2:45pm 4-5 yrs. 11:15am 4-5 yrs. 10:15am 3-4 yrs.
  2:45pm 4-5 yrs. 3:30pm 4-5 yrs.
    4:30pm 4-5 yrs.
Thur. Fri. Sat.
9:15am 3-4 yrs 10:15am 3-4 yrs 9am 3-4 yrs
10:15am Monkey 4-5 yrs 3:30pm 4-5 yrs 10am 3-4 yrs
11:15am 4-5 yrs    

Preschool Open Gymnastics

Monday Wednesday Friday
11:15am 11:15am 11:15am

Boys Only Classes

We offer a limited number of Boys-only classes. We promise to work on this in the future.

Tuesday Friday
3:30pm Boys Lev1 5-7 yrs. 3:30pm B-Boy 5-7 yrs.

Girls Gymnastics Classes

Classes marked with asterisk (*) are run for 90 minutes.

RED (Beginner)
Mon. Tues. Wed.
1pm 5-6 yrs. 3:30pm 5-6 yrs. 3:30pm 5-6 yrs.
3:30pm 5-6 yrs. 3:30pm 9-12 yrs. 4:30pm 5-6 yrs.
3:30pm 7-8 yrs.  4:30pm 5-6 yrs.  
4:30pm 7-8 yrs.    
Thur. Fri. Sat.
3:30pm 5-6 yrs. 3:30pm 5-6 yrs. 9am 5-6 yrs.
3:30pm 7-8 yrs. 3:30pm 9-12 yrs.  
3:30pm 9-12 yrs. 4:30pm 7-8 yrs.  
4:30pm 5-6 yrs.    
4:30pm 7-8 yrs.    
4:30pm 9-12 yrs.    
WHITE (Intermediate)
Mon. Tues. Wed.
3:30pm 7-8 yrs 3:30pm 5-6 yrs 3:30pm 7-8 yrs
3:30pm 8-10 yrs 3:30pm 7-8 yrs 4:30pm 7-8 yrs
4:30pm 8-10 yrs 3:30pm 9-12 yrs  
  4:30pm 5-6 yrs  
  4:30pm 7-8 yrs  
Thur. Fri. Sat.
3:30pm 7-8 yrs 4:30pm 7-8 yrs  
3:30pm 9-12 yrs   10am 7-8 yrs
4:30pm 7-8 yrs   11am 7-8 yrs
BLUE (Advanced)
Mon. Tues. Wed.
4:30pm 9-12 yrs.* 4:30pm 9-12 yrs.* 4:30pm 9-12 yrs.*
Thur. Fri. Sat.
4:30pm 9-12 yrs.* 4:30pm 9-12 yrs.* 11am 9-12 yrs.*
Bronze & Silver
Monday Wednesday
4:30pm BRZ 9-12 yrs.* 6:00pm BRZ/SLVR*

High School Gymnastics

At TRC Solana Beach, we offer extended training times for middle through high school aged athletes and we call this out Wildcat program. These groups are made up of a combination of former USAG competitors, aspiring and participating high school competitors and other teenage gymnastics enthusiasts that train at a slightly elevated level. It is a challenging workout for all levels and potential participants are subject to skill level screening prior to acceptance into this program. **Class runs 2 hours.
Tuesday Thursday
6pm High School** 6pm High School**

Classes will resume May 3rd, 2016.


Below, you will find schedules for these classes. The classes are listed by time and group. Classes marked with asterisk (*) are run for 90 minutes.

Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
6:30-7:30pm Tmbl-2 4:30pm Tmbl-1
8-12 yrs
4:30pm Tmbl-2 10am Tmbl-3
      11am Tmbl-1

Adult YGC

Yoga, Gymnastics and Conditioning. That is what this class focuses on. The class starts with about twenty minutes of stretching and exercises, progresses into handstands and other static poses, blends into gymnastics training on one of the traditional events and blends in conditioning exercises straight from the gymnast’s training manual. This is physically challenging and it is growing in popularity.

Tuesday Friday
9am Adults 9:15am Adults


All fees are due by the first class of the month and late after the 10th.

45 Min. Each Week $88
45 Min. 2x Each Week $144
60 Min. Each Week $100
90 Min. Each Week $150
2 Hours Each Week $184
3 Hours Each Week $218
4 Hours Each Week $238

Additional Information

Private Lessons

Annual Registration

Late Payments



Personal Items


All private lessons are priced as follows; $60.00 per hour for one person, $80 per hour for two people and $90 per hour for three people. Private lessons can also be billed in most any time increment.

All participants must pay an annual registration fee which is during the anniversary month of each student’s original enrollment date.

The annual fee is $50.00 for all students including those who are receiving private lessons.

Fees received after the 10th day of the month are considered late and subject to a $10.00 fee.

Proper attire is required for all participants. Acceptable attire for girls includes leotards, footless tights and or tightly fitted tee shirts and or shorts. Baggy clothing is acceptable for warm-up purposes, but students will be asked to remove such clothing in situations where it impedes either the instructor’s ability to aid the gymnast or the gymnast’s ability to perform particular shills safely and or properly.

Neither girls or boys are allowed to wear clothing with buckles or rivets while participating in class. These types of garments can become entangled and possible damage certain equipment in the gymnasium.

Boy’s should be aware that they will be required to tuck their shirts into their shorts in certain situations.

All students are required to have hair pulled back from the face. Preferred methods include in one to two pony tails or braided fashion.

Personal items should be stored in the cubbies during class time. All TRC patrons are not to bring valuables to the gym in as we do not bare responsibility for lost or stolen personal affects.

If a gymnast must bring such items to the gym, please instruct him or her to leave it in the care of a TRC staff member.

Warm-ups are a crucial part of any physical activity. Students that arrive after the 15 minutes stretch will still be required to stretch prior to being allowed to participate in class. In certain situations; children may be denied participation.

Make-up Policy & Prorating

We do not offer make-ups due to missed classes.However, during the months of June, July, August and December we offer “Double your Fun”.  Double your Fun is open to all enrolled Pre-school, Recreational, Cheer and Tumbling class students.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, one must call TRC two to three days prior to the desired class to reserve a spot in the class. The class must also be in an appropriate level for the requesting student.
Prorating is limited to new enrollees and scheduled holidays which include Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and other prearranged closures.